Doing art means to me that I do what I love to do with my body, mind and heart all together.
I am thankful for every moment in life and through my work I try to share my joy with you!



Every day I post some of my art on my instagram page.
Connecting is very important in this isolated world every individual creates through their phones. By giving an insight into my world I want to show everyone a different view on things.

Ecological living & Travel

I use natural products and recycled materials for my works. I travel by train, bus and bycicle and never use airplanes. The path is the Goal.

Sports & Music

I do lots of different sports such as football, volleyball, acrobathics, juggling, pingpong and yoga. I also play various instruments; clarinet, guitar, percussion and digeridoo.

Modern Marketing

I use a QR Code on my clothing when I paint in the streets. My goal is to connect people. I stand for transparency.

  • Oilpaintings

    I paint the world the way I see it and try to look at the objects, colours and forms with no prejustice. With my positive attitude I can always learn new things. The constant learning process brings me joy. I paint 'en plein air' in the changing atmosphere of the light.

  • Drawings

    Drawing is the basis of all my artistic work. I have been drawing almost everyday for some years. When I am drawing I try to understand the different forms of life in space. I observe the wonderful diversity of the constant moving materia. I am interested in life and emotions behind its surface.

  • Watercolour paintings

    I always have aquarel colors with me, so that I can make spontaneous paintings of my surroundings.

My life in numbers:


If you are interested in my work please contact me! Use this form or send an email to

Gabriel Kessler
8400 Winterthur

+41 79 574 88 84